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2020 Annual Shareholders' Meeting June  30, 2020 Giantplus Headquarter


Meetings Date Notice Agenda Minutes
2020 Annual Shareholders' Meeting Jun. 30, 2020 Download Download Download
2019 Annual Shareholders' Meeting Jun. 26, 2019 Download Download Download
2018 Annual Shareholders' Meeting Jun. 26, 2018 Download Download Download
2017 Annual Shareholders' Meeting Jun. 14, 2017 Download Download Download
2017 Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting May 15, 2017 Download Download Download
2016 Annual Shareholders' Meeting Jun.  06, 2016 Download Download Download
2015 Annual Shareholders' Meeting Jun.  10, 2015 Download Download Download
2014 Annual Shareholders' Meeting May  29, 2014 Download Download Download
2013 Annual Shareholders' Meeting Jun. 24, 2013 Download Download Download
Investors FAQ
Q: When did Giantplus Technology list its stock? What’s the Stock code?
A: Giantplus Technology went public in Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation on Dec.27 ,2006.
    And the stock code is 8105.
Q: When is the Fiscal Year of Giantplus?
A: Fiscal Year of Giantplus Technology is from 1st, January to 31st, December.
Q: How often will Giantplus Technology announce the related financial figures?
A: Giantplus Technology will announce the revenue of previous month before the 10th of each month.
    For monthly sales information please click here.
Q: When will Giantplus Technology announce the Quarterly report?
A: According to the Securities and Exchange Law, the first quarter, second quarter and third quarter financial
    statements should be reported within 45 days after the end of the season announcement;
    Financial statements of the year should be announced within three months after the year end, please
    refer to the following table:
  • First Quarter Financial Report: New announcement before May 15.
  • Second Quarter Financial Report: New announcement before August 14.
  • Third Quarter Financial Report: New announcement before November 14.
  • Annual Financial Report: New announcement before next year's March 31.
Q: What agency can transfer the stock of Giantplus ? What’s the contact information?
A: Transfer Agency Department of Yuanta Securities Co., Ltd.
Address: B1F., No. 210, Sec. 3, Chengde Rd., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: 886-2-2586-5859
Q: How to obtain the latest financial reports of Giantplus Technology?
A: About the Financial Report of Giantplus Technology,please click here.
Q: When will General Shareholders’ Meeting be held?
A: Giantplus Technology 2020 General Shareholders’ Meeting will be held on June 30, 2020.
    About more information of shareholders’ meeting of Giantplus Technology, please click here.
Q: What’s the dividend policy of Giantplus Technology?
A: The dividends distribution of Giantplus Technology each year will be decided after the Board of Directors
    considers the annual net income, cash proposal and stock dividend distribution ratio.
    It should be agreed by the annual shareholders’ assembly, and then it will be therefore carried out formally.

Dividend History