March 2017

Ortus Technology Co., LTD. become Giantplus’ largest shareholder with 53.10%  or a total of 234,481,757 of Giantplus shares. (81,500,000 common shares and 152,981,757 shares via private placement)

March 2017 Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd. is Giantplus' representative director. Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd. Due to transferring more than one half of Giantplus' shares held by the representative at the time being elected, three representative directors, Mr. Sheng-Chang Lin, Mr. Chi-Mo Huang, and Mr. Chu-Ping Yuan shall, ipso facto, be discharged from the office of directors according to the Company Act. At the same time, the Chairman, Mr. Sheng-Chang Lin, shall, ipso facto, be discharged.