About GiantPlus


GiantPlus positions itself to be the premium supplier of small and medium size flat-panel displays. Our success is based on the following proven products and technologies.

  • TFT arrays: Integrating this technology onto DSC (digital stationary cameras) signals the successful establishment of our position in consumer products arena
  • 4.0” TFT modules: Launching of this module firms up our exposure in the Toys/GPS markets
  • ODF: Introduction of the ODF (One Drop Fill) technology into our manufacturing greatly improves the turnover time and the quality of our displays
  • Capacitive Touch Screen: Introduction of Capacitive Touch Screen feature improves the navigability and reliability of our TFT display products
  • Flexible Active-matrix Display: Successful demonstration of our Flexible Active Displays enhances our position in the field of electronic books or e-newspapers

Product Categorization:

  • Mono STN LCD/LCM
  • Small and medium size TFT LCM
  • Touch Panel Module

STN Product Line:

This is the mature product line for applications demanding reliability, such as in industrial panel indicators and automobile panel displays.

CSTN Product Line:

This is the product line where we have a unique competitive edge by working with key component suppliers and major international cell phone companies to lower the manufacturing cost.

TFT Product Line:

This product line was built on our existing customer base as their needs expanded beyond the traditional STN an CSTN displays for cell phones, toys, consumer products (MP#, MP#, DSC, GPS, multi-media products).

(STN: Super-twisted Nematic’ LCM: Liquid Crystal Module; CSTM: Color STN; TFT: Thin Film Transistor)

Touch Panel Product Line:

This Product line focuses mainly on Double ITO (DITO) structure and supplementally on Single ITO (SITO) and film structures. GiantPlus offers customized services and products to enhance the overall values of the small-to-medium size panels.