Established in 1997, Giantplus Technology is famous for its high-quality, reliable and customizable utmost in the Small- and Medium-sized TFT-LCD industry. To strengthen the company's core competence and market position, Giantplus Technology has successfully shifted from focusing on niche market to providing valued-added product mix, and further cultivating high-profile markets. Nowadays, Giantplus Technology is recognized as a strategic partner in both industrial and automotive markets. Giantplus Technology will continuously improve product differentiation and customization to achieve bigger niche market share, and at the same time forge ahead with healthy growth in its strategic imperatives.

About GiantPlus

Founded Dec. 15, 1997
Headquarters 15 Industrial Rd., Toufen, Miao-Li, Taiwan
Industry Optoelectronic
Capitalization 4.415 billion NTD
Date of listing Dec. 27, 2006
Employees 1,700 in Taiwan,      1,500 in China
Plants & Customers


ISO 9001、ISO 14001、ISO 14064-1、TS 16949、OHSAS 18001、TOSHMS、PAS 2050、ISO 50001